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Site updated: 1 / 7 / 2004
This site is about my first Mazda. It is a 1972 model RX3 sedan, 10A nose cone with 12A savanna lower spoiler. When i brought it, it had a 12A mild port, 48mm webber, SII RX7 electronic ignition, 2 inch extractors with a 2 1/2 inch system. It had RX5, 5 speed, a standard diff. RX7 SII mags, a Nardi steering wheel and a standard interior.
The story so far......
After two weeks of owning the car i blew my first diff. I was racing a 911 Porsche from the lights, we took off and i was a little ahead, i flat changed second at about 8,000 rpm and BANG there goes number 1.
I replaced it, and got the car dyno tuned at Ric Shaw and it made 106 hp at the wheels with the trailing plugs not working (igniter stuffed).
We had some fun until, unexpectedly number two went bang while i was doing a u-turn. Time to get the welder out!!!!!
I locked the diff and dicided to have a run at easeter creek, just to see what happens....
14.9, 14,7, 14.7,and 14.8, all at about 90mph to 98mph. the best for the night was14.7 @ 98 mph not bad for 165/75/13 street tyres and 1st, 2nd and 3rd spinning!!!
I then got to know Anthony Winter of GAS-808 fame. He brought the 12A and 5 speed off me for his drifter, and we (Pete, Anthony and myself) fitted a SIV 13B turbo. The motor was supplied by Kevin Webb from Wollongong with a 12A turbo front cover and RX4 13B sump, after we fitted the SIV, Kevin wired the Microtec MT4 and made the 3 inch exhaust and the custom exhaust manifold to sit the turbo forward. Sitting behind the SIV is a corona 4 speed with a lightned flywheel, one tonne pressure plate and a brass button clutch. Theres a corona shaft with a trusty ford 9 inch diff with 5.14:1 ratio, 28 spline billet axles and a full spool. The 9 inch also runs RX4 drums.
* Adrian has put the motor in his 808 coupe with a stock 4 barrel mazda carby, changed the mufflers on the exhaust and the little 12A made 118hp on Rick Shaws dyon. I LOVE THAT ENGINE!!!!!!!!!
This was MIK20B before

To contact me, plaese email: mik20bracing@hotmail.com
At the 2002 supernats at Eastern creek, MIK20B was raced for the first time in over 18 months. After being taken off the road for a re-paint, re-do of interior, new sommons wheels, and little bits and pieces! We went out with no expectations exept to not break anything! We went 13.2, 12.6, 12.5 and at only 99 mph! It was breaking up badly in the top end, anything over 4,500 rpm and it was alot of splutter. Kevin from southcoast rotary took some fuel out of the map, but we ran out of track time.
The car has a low 12 in it and then there is still NOS!!!!! i cant wait! Keep in touch for details!

This is MIK20B now!

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