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Whats going on?
There was a delay due to me smashing my daily driver, so i had to put the mazda on hold for a while, but its all back on track now so stay posted, any day now!!!!!!!

Last update:9 / 5 / 2003
The car has finally been painted! A BIG thank you goes out to Dave and Emmet Hudson for the prep of the body, and the late nights at the workshop days before the Supernats to finish the car off, an awsome job!!!!!!!, my uncle, Lou Pagano and his partener David Funnari at AAA body and paint at Lakemba for use of the spray booth and Dave Wollam for painting tha car. without these pepole the car wouldnt have been ready for the Supernats!
The simmons are on, the scoop is being air brushed, my recaro is in, the doortrims are on, its all systems go!