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Here you will see the cars my mates drive.
This page has pics of Pete's, Adrian's, and Vince's Mazdas.

Click on this pic to go to Pete's site!
This is one of my best mates, Pete's RX3. Its got a rebuilt 13B Turbo block, TO4 turbo, 32mm wastegate. 3 inch exhaust, microtech digi computer, Corona 4 speed and stock diff.
Adrian's 808
Adrian's 808 usee to run my old 12A mild port and RX5 speed, 2 inch extractors and a 2 1/2 inch system. Now its been upgraded to a 12A turbo block, SV turbo, 3 inch exhaust and 2 extra injectors. A microtech controls the party in he's engine bay. He runs a SIV 5 speed and mazda van diff. The interior has been trimmed and its being painted at Restoremaz in Chipping Norton. New wheels will be fitted and will be sideways in a street near you in no time! 


Vinces 808
Vince has run a PB of 12.7 secs on street tyres at heathcote raceway. SV 13B turbo and all the good bits that go with it.
This is how they did it in the old days. This pic was taken at the winternationals in 1977!!


Doesnt this look absolutley wild??? I have a 13B PP from the old " ORX-300 " RX3 coupe ready to go into my 1300 wagon, slowly but surely....... To see some pics and a bit of a update on what im up to on my wagon go to